Asota  trinacria    Semper  1899

Photograph by: JHH Zwier
   Fuga (Bauyanes) Philippines

Photograph by: JHH Zwier
   Palali Benquet (Luzon) Philippines

Photograph by: JHH Zwier
   Cotabato (Mindanao) Philippines

Synonym: belophora West, 1932

 about    mm  ( n = )
 about    mm  ( n = )

Distribution according to the collections mentioned in the chapter
“Museums” and the literature.

- Maluku: Seram (CMWM) Manusela mts. (CMWM) Philippines: Babuyans: Fuga (Semper 1898) Leyte: Hilusig (CMWM) Mt-Balocaue (RMNH) Maasin (CMWM) Tibo (CMWM) Luzon: (Semper 1898) (SMFL) Bongabon (CMWM ) Palali (BMNH) Dalton Pass (RMNH) Malibcong (CMWM) Querson N.P. (CMWM) Sierra-Madre Mts. (CMWM) Mindanao: Mt-Apo (CMWM) Bukidnon (CMWM) (ZMAN) Cotabato (CMWM) Mt-Balocaue (CMWM) Mt-Dalongdong (CMWM) Mt-Halcon (CMWM) Mt-Kalianlian (CMWM) Mt-Kitanglad (CMWM) Mt-Magdiwata (CMWM) Mt-Malasag (CMWM) (ZMAN) Mt-Busa (CMWM) Mindoro: Mt-Apo (Semper 1898)(CMWM) Negros: Barangay (CMWM) Palawan: Napsan (CMWM) Panay: Iloilo (CMWM) Imparayan (CMWM) Borneo-Indonesia: Kandangan (CMWM)



There is no difference in the outward appearance of ♀ and ♂.

This copy of the first description is taken from a book or a periodical out of the library of the Dutch Entomological Society in Amsterdam.

*A lot of data are from the author of the first description.