Aganais borbonica   Boisduval,  1833

Photograph by: JHH. Zwier by courtesy BMNH in London
Syntype: Natural History Museum at London (BMNH)

Photograph by: JHH. Zwier by courtesy BMNH in London

Synonym: insularis Boisduval, 1833
Synonym: iodamia Herrich-Schäffer, 1854
Synonym: antica Walker, 1856
Synonym: stipata Walker, 1865

 about    mm  ( n = )
 about    mm  ( n = )

Distribution according to the collections mentioned in the chapter
“Museums” and the literature.

- Réunion (Île Bourbon Boisduval, 1833) Madagascar: Ambinanindrano (BMNH) Anisibe (CMWM) (SMFL) Antiro (RMCA) Artificial Lake within Nicolière mts. (CMWM) Fianaratsoa (CMWM) Loudoubé (SMFL) Ranomafana (CMWM) Sandrankota (CMWM) Station Perinet (BMNH) Tamatave (BMNH) Tulear (CMWM) Mananjari (BMNH) Ankaram Potsy (BMNH) Mauritius (CMWM) Mayotte (BMNH) Tongobori (BMNH) Besaha (BMNH)



Its wings are long, The front wings are brown, the tawny base is about 9 black spots. The head and prothorax of the same color with a black spot on each shoulder. The hind wings are deep black with some tawny rays, more or less pronounced at the base. The underside of all four wings beyond the middle is yellow, blackish brown and then to the end.Theret is also at the top a black dot on the yellow part. The antennae are black, combed stronger than in most species. The abdomen is tawny above and whitish on the underside, with a dorsal row of black spots, and two rows of ventral spots of the same color
They are fairly common for Bourbon in November. December and Januar. They lurk in the thick leaved, and leave the shelter only when forced to.
They appear again in March and also occur in Mauritius, but rare.
All the individuals we have we seem to be males.

Data from the book: The Afrotropical Tiger-Moths by David T. Goodger and Allan Watson, Apollo Books, Stenstrup, Denmark 1995

This copy of the first description is taken from a book or a periodical out of the library of the Dutch entomological Society in Amsterdam.

*A lot of data are from the author of the first description.