Sommeria daressalamica   Strand,  1911

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 about    mm  ( n = )
 about    mm  ( n = )

Distribution according to the collections mentioned in the chapter
“Museums” and the literature.

- Tanzania: ( Dar-es-Salaam ( syntype( s ) )



Forewings light brown, especially at the base is removed with a weak light grey dusting, in the cell, a black spot, 5 mm from the root, at the Cell one indistinct darker in a difficult to detect grey courtyard located, crescent-shaped spot, the edge box is inside of very difficult to detect, lobed, dark transverse band limited, between this and the veins is a hint of a lighter transverse field.
Fringes as the field at the edge. Hind wings with dark yellow ochre, the spot at the apex 2.7 mm wide and 1.9 mm long, below as above. Forewings with yellow ochre below 4 mm wide strip at the edge, the cell and the veins of the top-spot stand out more sharply.
The upper side of the thorax as the top fore wings with two black dots in the middle, two on the tegulae, and one each on the patagiae, the latter are a little brighter than the back. Vertex and front whitish, antennae with brownish white basis, Palpi greyish with black top and black spot at the top of the other members. In any case, the coxae I - II, each with a black dot spot, otherwise the legs are pale brownish grey. Abdomen yellow ochre up, down slightly lighter, the spinal segments 4-6 much light a little darker, with a top, sides, each with two rows of black dots. Wingspan 28 mm, length of the wing 14mm length of the body 12 mm

Data from the book: The Afrotropical Tiger-Moths by David T. Goodger and Allan Watson, Apollo Books, Stenstrup, Denmark 1995. This copy of the first description is taken from a book or a periodical out of the library of the Dutch Entomological Society in Amsterdam.

*A lot of data are from the author of the first description.