Soloe sexmaculata   Plötz, 1880

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 about    mm  ( n = )
 about    mm  ( n = )

Distribution according to the collections mentioned in the chapter
“Museums” and the literature.

- West-Africa ( holotype ) Assinie



318 Nudaria?, sexmaculata nov. sp
Head, palpi, antennae, back and abdomen are pale ochre-yellow, the latter on: middle mixed with grey. The wings are light in ♂, brownish white, the ♀ light grey, the yellow fringes.
On all the wings at the end of the centre cell and a round dark brown spot on the front against the root nor a small one
Fore wing; the ♂ 20, ♀ at 18 mm

Data from the book: The Afrotropical Tiger-Moths by David T. Goodger and Allan Watson, Apollo Books, Stenstrup, Denmark 1995. This copy of the first description is taken from a book or a periodical out of the library of the Dutch Entomological Society in Amsterdam.

*A lot of data are from the author of the first description.