Asota  orbona  orbona  Vollenhoven  1863

Photograph by: JHH Zwier
   Halmahera (Maluku) Indonesia

Photograph by: JHH Zwier
   Morotai (Maluku) Indonesia

Photograph by: JHHZwier
   Java Indonesia

Photograph by: JHH Zwier
   Sulawesi Indonesia

 about    mm  ( n = )
 about    mm  ( n = )

Distribution according to the collections mentioned in the chapter
“Museums” and the literature.

- Australia: (Cedar bay (BMNH) Queensland (ZMHB) Indonesia: Java (RMNH) ((ZMAN) Maluku: Ambon (ZMAN) Aru-islands (BMNH) Bachan (RMNH) (SMTD) Seram (CMWM) Halmahera (ZMAN) Kei -slands (ZMAN) (SMTD) Manusela mts. Misool (RMNH) (CMWM) Mt-Talagaranu (CMWM) Morotai (RMNH) Tual (ZMHB) Sumatra: Aek-Tarum Sulawesi: Buton (ZMAN) Kajoa (RMNH) Lesser-Sunda-islands West: (Nusa Tenggara Barat) Lesser-Sunda-islands East: (Nusa Tenggara Timur): Flores (CMWM)



This copy of the first description is taken from a book or a periodical out of the library of the Dutch Entomological Society in Amsterdam.

*A lot of data are from the author of the first description.